Friday, 3 August 2012

6th day in Thailand

The 6th day was spent on 4 islands hopping tour.
450Baht for the whole thing.
By long tailed boat.

1st stop was Poda Island.
A couple from our tour group.
A private yacht I guess.
Snorkeling around Chicken Island.
Feeding fish. We did feed this bitches at Poda Island too.
The Chicken Island.
Can you see the head of the chicken?
Lunch on the boat.
Tub/Tup Island.
Too bad we reached kinda late. The sand trail was not visible.
Tub Island from Chicken Island.
Phranang Cave Island.

Another cave.
That is our long-tailed boat.
The Phranang Cave.
A lot of people at the beach.
Sorry for the sexiness.
An offering/praying place inside the cave.
Rock climbing at Phranang cave.
We knew this guy from the Phi Phi tour.
Day 6 was awesome but there were jellyfish everywhere.
So I don't really enjoy swimming.
I got tanned after this trip.
Even with all the sunblock!
Still gorgeous though! LOLz!

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