Saturday, 21 July 2012

4th day in Thailand

Our 4th day was so tiring.
We slept at the airport waiting for our flight.
One of the thing you'll do when backpacking.
We were at the airport since 2200hrs until our flight at 1045hrs.
Suvarnabhumi Airport was so cold!
Silly for me too for wearing shorts.
Serves me right.

After landed at Krabi International airport,
we went straight to Krabi town by bus.
It costs 90Baht.
Some of the view at Krabi town from the bus.

I think this is a school. Since I can't read Thai, so I just assume. 

I forgot to take picture with that statue.
Then we reached Krabi Town.
The bus stopped us around 200metres from our hostel.
so we have to walk.
Then we reached the hostel, checked in and rest.
It was nice, clean, and comfy.
Thumbs up!
We stayed in Pak-Up Hostel.
It is actually very famous.
I didn't take the pic of the lobby.
It was super nice.
We stayed in the room named "ART".
Seems like the rooms were based on the subjects in school.

Pak-up hostel sign at night.
I chose the bed with Picasso written on it. huge and comfy.
Can even occupy 2 person. 
The view from my bed.
Then after I rested for a while I decided to go out and look around.
My friend was tired so I decided to go alone.
It was nice but rainy.
Cold and wet.

I don't know what this statue symbolise, but it is unique.
View from the riverside near Krabi town. Even a floating restaurant nearby.
Never seen a traffic light like this anywhere! one of a kind.
I also went to the fruit market.
There were fruits, and foods.
Krabi Town is small.
Nothing much to see.
Then I went back to the hostel.
Clean up then out again for dinner with my friend.
Then we rest for the next day.
I miss Pak-up
The lobby especially!

Friday, 20 July 2012

3rd day in Thailand

The 3rd day was planned to visit the temples around Bangkok.
Well a small misdirection occurred but who cares?!
We stopped to take pictures at Phra Sumen Fort and Rama Bridge from Phra Athit.

With a Thailand flag in hand.. Found it behind the bushes.
Phra Sumen Fort. 
Rama Bridge in the background.  Lovely..
Then straight to the Phra Athit Pier for a boat ride to the temples.
It cost 15Baht from Phra Athit Pier to Grand Palace or Wat Pho.
We supposed to go to Grand Palace first... 
As usual we stopped at the wrong stop.
Here are some pictures of the Chao Phraya River.

Chao Phraya River with the Bangkok skyline.
So the 1st temple was Wat Pho or The Reclining Buddha Temple.
The enterance fee was 100Baht with a free drinking water.
Here are some wonderful pictures from the temple.

Outside of the Reclining Buddha spot.
The Buddha in the background is made of gold.
I don't whether it is pure gold or not  but it looks like.
The Reclining Buddha
Then we make our way to Wat Arun a.k.a. The Temple of Dawn.
It is just across Chao Phraya River from Wat Pho.
The boat ride cost only 3Baht.
We took back and forth so 6Baht in total.
The entrance fee is 50Baht. 

View from the boat.

Lastly we went to Grand Palace.
We were stopped by the guards there.
Coz I was wearing a singlet.
I was not allowed to go in.
In order to go in, I need to get a cloth from the guard post.
We decided to just take pictures instead without entering.
Then again we were scolded by the guards..
It cost 400Baht to enter.
so..... Nuh.. we just skipped.
we think we took the picture of the Grand Palace when we were lost the 1st day.
No pictures allowed there, I mean the hallway/lobby/entrance.. 
but.... here are some pictures...
We just took it after all! LOL!

It's The Temple we saw the 1st day at night.
This is the hallway/lobby/entrance I was talking about.
The Temple next to the Grand Palace
After going against the rules.
we went to Siam Paragon to meet another friend there.
Took bus No.7 from the Grand Palace to Siam.
After hanging out for a bit, I decided to go to MBK again.
doing some last minute shopping.

The famous Siam Paragon... [nothing much actually]
@MBK toilet. Something you can't find in Malaysia.
Then we went back to Khao San Baan Thai for shower and change.
They even let us use the towel even we already checked out.
We went back there to fetch our belongings.
They are very nice to let us do so.
We even watched  a Thailand drama before going to Phaya Thai.
We took a taxi and cost 61Baht to Phaya Thai from our place.
Then we took the train to Suvarnabhumi Airport.
We spent the night in the airport and waited for hours for our flight.
The end of day three...

Wednesday, 18 July 2012

2nd day in Thailand

The 2nd day we went to Chatuchak Weekend Market.
Still in Bangkok..
I just left my DSLR camera in the house.
The mission was to shop till I drop.
So don't wanna bring that camera along.
This was the place we waited for No.3 bus to Chatuchak.

Then this what you can see there in Chatuchak Market.
Sales! Cheap items for sale.
39Baht for shades..
You just cant find that in Malaysia.


We go around Chatuchak for 7 hours!
Started around 11am until 6pm.
Another day of feet agony.
Luckily I got myself a comfy slippers.
 So walking around was way better.

Walking Around Chatuchak Market will amuse you.
There were thousands of shops.
Even talented people performing with their instruments.
One group of guys even performed a Lady Gaga - Paparazzi song.
I don't know what instrument, but they perform well.

Not forgetting the foods there...
As usual... PORK was all over.
NO complaints for that!
I manage to eat TomYum Kung and Somtam over there.
It is just soooooooo gooooooood!
The Tom Yum was so delicious.
Natural, not using paste, the taste was marvelous!
The Somtam was spicy, but still the best, pure flavors.

Tom Yum Kung


After a whole day walking around and spent RM1K+.
We decided to go back.
The way back was so tough.
We have to battle with directions and language barriers.
Chatuchak Market was so confusing.
At last we met the right bus stop.
With a help from a very kind lady we took a bus back to KSR.
Well... this time we stopped early than the supposed stop.
We walked around 2km probably more back to our little house.

After we reached, we relaxed for a bit then went to KSR for food.
We look around for food and also a luggage bag.
Since I bought tonnes of thing, I need a luggage.

Foot massage.. [ignore the hairy feet]
after found a luggage, we tried the foot massage.
It was divine..
The aching feet really needs that massage.

Then we just walk around...
Guess what we found there?
Fried insects.
Grasshoppers, silk worms, crickets and etc.
so... I decided to give it a try.
It costs 30Baht for 4 pieces.
I took the grasshopper.
I even shared it with a tourist.
It was crunchy, and I could say tasty too.

Yummy grasshopper, a must try in Thailand!

Then we went for some beer and cocktails.
The cocktail was very strong!
No doubt!
and on our way back...
We saw Thailand's Ronald McDonald!

That was the end of the 2nd day...

1st day in Thailand

It was 7th of July 2012.
Flight at 1345 and reached Bangkok at 1445 (Bangkok time)
BTW, for those doesn't know..
Thailand is one hour late than Malaysia.
So actually The flight took 2 hours ++... You do the maths.

So reaching Bangkok I straight away took the train from Suvarnabhumi airport to Paya Thai.
It costs 45Baht.
Then I took the BTS train to National Stadium, cost  20Baht.
Why National Stadium?

It's near to MBK Centre, a shopping mall if you are wondering.
Well my 1st day in Bangkok was already reserved for shopping!
I seriously do not brought any clothes from Malaysia other than what I wore.
So reaching there, I'm so pumped to look for outfits for the coming days in Thailand.
So I shopped! kinda crazy though.
And met with a friend of mine there.

After shopping, we went around Siam just opposite MBK.
A long walk with tonnes of tourist in the night.
A great experience though.
More cheap yet nice clothes sold just at the side of the roads. 
Shop, shop, and more shopping!!

Well other than that, there were tonnes of stalls selling.....
Wait for it.... 
PORK! yummy! Thailand is a pork heaven.
You can find them anywhere.
A bit of a problem for those who can't consume pork though.
A pork satay-ish but super delicious!

When we were walking around Siam area for the night market, we saw other malls.
Siam Discovery, Siam Centre, Siam Paragon and etc.
Siam is kinda famous for shopping malls.

After a long day of shopping we took the bus back to Khao San Road.
It only cost 6.5Baht compared to 200Baht of Tuk-Tuk ride.
 we stayed in a backpackers galore called Khao San Baan Thai.
The house was so cute, clean, but a bit far from KSR though.
The receptionist there is very friendly and helpful.
KSR is a place for tourists.
You can find cheap backpack places around.

On our way there, we missed the KSR stop.
So we were drifted.
Well, we are not familiar with the place..
but actually it turned out to be a good thing.
We went to another night market.
Tonnes of night market in Thailand!
Then we saw a temple.
It was so majestic.

Then we continue our way back.
At that point, our feet were hurting so bad, but we forced ourselves to walk.
With the help of Google map, we found our way back.
So much for the 1st day.