Wednesday, 18 July 2012

1st day in Thailand

It was 7th of July 2012.
Flight at 1345 and reached Bangkok at 1445 (Bangkok time)
BTW, for those doesn't know..
Thailand is one hour late than Malaysia.
So actually The flight took 2 hours ++... You do the maths.

So reaching Bangkok I straight away took the train from Suvarnabhumi airport to Paya Thai.
It costs 45Baht.
Then I took the BTS train to National Stadium, cost  20Baht.
Why National Stadium?

It's near to MBK Centre, a shopping mall if you are wondering.
Well my 1st day in Bangkok was already reserved for shopping!
I seriously do not brought any clothes from Malaysia other than what I wore.
So reaching there, I'm so pumped to look for outfits for the coming days in Thailand.
So I shopped! kinda crazy though.
And met with a friend of mine there.

After shopping, we went around Siam just opposite MBK.
A long walk with tonnes of tourist in the night.
A great experience though.
More cheap yet nice clothes sold just at the side of the roads. 
Shop, shop, and more shopping!!

Well other than that, there were tonnes of stalls selling.....
Wait for it.... 
PORK! yummy! Thailand is a pork heaven.
You can find them anywhere.
A bit of a problem for those who can't consume pork though.
A pork satay-ish but super delicious!

When we were walking around Siam area for the night market, we saw other malls.
Siam Discovery, Siam Centre, Siam Paragon and etc.
Siam is kinda famous for shopping malls.

After a long day of shopping we took the bus back to Khao San Road.
It only cost 6.5Baht compared to 200Baht of Tuk-Tuk ride.
 we stayed in a backpackers galore called Khao San Baan Thai.
The house was so cute, clean, but a bit far from KSR though.
The receptionist there is very friendly and helpful.
KSR is a place for tourists.
You can find cheap backpack places around.

On our way there, we missed the KSR stop.
So we were drifted.
Well, we are not familiar with the place..
but actually it turned out to be a good thing.
We went to another night market.
Tonnes of night market in Thailand!
Then we saw a temple.
It was so majestic.

Then we continue our way back.
At that point, our feet were hurting so bad, but we forced ourselves to walk.
With the help of Google map, we found our way back.
So much for the 1st day.

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