Saturday, 21 July 2012

4th day in Thailand

Our 4th day was so tiring.
We slept at the airport waiting for our flight.
One of the thing you'll do when backpacking.
We were at the airport since 2200hrs until our flight at 1045hrs.
Suvarnabhumi Airport was so cold!
Silly for me too for wearing shorts.
Serves me right.

After landed at Krabi International airport,
we went straight to Krabi town by bus.
It costs 90Baht.
Some of the view at Krabi town from the bus.

I think this is a school. Since I can't read Thai, so I just assume. 

I forgot to take picture with that statue.
Then we reached Krabi Town.
The bus stopped us around 200metres from our hostel.
so we have to walk.
Then we reached the hostel, checked in and rest.
It was nice, clean, and comfy.
Thumbs up!
We stayed in Pak-Up Hostel.
It is actually very famous.
I didn't take the pic of the lobby.
It was super nice.
We stayed in the room named "ART".
Seems like the rooms were based on the subjects in school.

Pak-up hostel sign at night.
I chose the bed with Picasso written on it. huge and comfy.
Can even occupy 2 person. 
The view from my bed.
Then after I rested for a while I decided to go out and look around.
My friend was tired so I decided to go alone.
It was nice but rainy.
Cold and wet.

I don't know what this statue symbolise, but it is unique.
View from the riverside near Krabi town. Even a floating restaurant nearby.
Never seen a traffic light like this anywhere! one of a kind.
I also went to the fruit market.
There were fruits, and foods.
Krabi Town is small.
Nothing much to see.
Then I went back to the hostel.
Clean up then out again for dinner with my friend.
Then we rest for the next day.
I miss Pak-up
The lobby especially!

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